I was scared

Sickened even– to bring you into a world that isn’t use to seeing you thrive

And that would look at me crazy for not having the means to provide

you with what you needed, but wouldn’t be willing to help support in any way.

I was nervous that you might one day hear all the criticisms

Not in whispers but in shouts

And you’d be compared and therefore think you couldn’t survive

That you would cripple and crack under pressure I was fearful

And then I would resent myself for not pushing you to be the best that you could be.

But there were moments when I felt nothing but hope and faith and love

Because you really do have something to offer a world like that

And one day you would open eyes, and turn heads and change lives

And I’d be happy to say I birthed you.

I’d say I sculpted you in my vision

And fed you the milk that made you strong

And carried the pain that made you.. you.

When they told me to “Be realistic” “wait” “it’s too soon” “you aren’t ready”

I went out on a limb and said I was.

You are not a mistake.

You are my dream.


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