The Experiment

I don’t know if people still get on the scale but its something I try to do every week if I can. Not to watch my weight, but to watch my weight..  Because the scale I use is in a public place, I can’t get as “free” as I need to for the most accurate number. One day I did a lil experiment where I would weigh myself twice.. First with everything on.. Then with earrings off, shoes off and wig off 😂.. Yes you read that right.. I would be in the schools nurses office with my wig off not knowing that anyone could walk in.. Who cares though? While I was on the scale the first time, I was happy with the numbers that I was face to face with on the screen. But that wasn’t real all the time. Needless to say, the second time after I removed some things the numbers dropped.

This made me think about life and how sometimes we let the smallest things give us the biggest ego when really we’re setting up a fabricated view of ourselves. Other times we’re spending time worrying about small things which only results in excess stress for us.

Either way, I started to see how  small things can heavily affect a person and that isn’t always healthy. My advice: SUBTRACT and LET LOOSE what you don’t need. Try not to let the small things weigh you down. 

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