Why I Can’t Be A Conformist

The world works in circles. That’s why I believe that karma exists. There will always be a movie, an idea, a thought that is similar to another. With that being said I’m probably about to sound very redundant but just listen.

I started my writing journey in 2012. I was interested in books, I could read fast, I could write well, and most of all I was introduced to the media and that provided me with an  outlet. I figured being an author would suit me best and something I really appreciated about the profession was the freedom to speak as I pleased.

This is something I want people to understand. It’s basically in a writer’s job description to share their thoughts, their vision of the world no matter how crazy it may seem. When one gets into something as creative as writing, there is bound to be some controversy over what’s said but what would life be without it right?

Another thing: writers are expected to give the people what they want, or at least give them what they think they want. With that comes research and observation of the target audience. I’m young, only 20, which makes me a millennial. Therefore the seldom “raunchy, scandalous” nature of my writing is meant to amuse my audience. It’s what they like. It’s funny. It catches eyes.

I use my social media as a way of practicing my fiction writing as well as clearing my conscience. Every status is meant to get a reaction. This has caused controversy because of my quiet demeanor in real life. But I want to explain that despite what people may think I’m not a bad person because I use a few curse words or openly talk about my sexuality.

I think this is why I never believed in companies making social media be the factor in why someone could work or not. It matters much more about work ethic and how one interacts with people PERSONALLY, not virtually. You have to know how to separate the two. As long as someone isn’t a cyberbully or being terribly inappropriate then they should have a fair chance at employment. Words hurt but only when their directed at an individual intentionally. If not, then words are just opinions and the First Amendment gives the right to freedom of speech.

Also I’m not a talker. If I’m not already comfortable with you it’s sometimes hard for me to hold a conversation. I guess I’m what some would classify as “shy”. Words help me get my point across more than I could express verbally. Although I know it isn’t a bad thing to be introverted, the real world, the “business” world has expressed that being quiet doesn’t cut it. So then I’m forced to “sell myself” meaning I have to jump through hoops to make myself look interesting even if I’m awkward , silencing my real voice along the way because someone else doesn’t see it as “professional”.. well that’s not my cup of tea.

Yes it’s a great thing to get out of your comfort zone but I just can’t sugar coat my words  or pretend to be spontaneous for the likes of Corporate America or little minded/hypocritical individuals. My voice is me… and it comes in raunchy tones, sad tones, happy tones, encouraging tones, and whatever else I make it. For those that don’t understand it or think it’s too wild that’s your problem. Deal with it.


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