Epiphany- Discovering My Spark

I can’t believe we’re practically 3 months into the year. I would say something corny like time flies when you’re having fun but that definitely wasn’t the case for me. Anyway, today we close out black history month. I’ve seen so many powerful post about my people. Whether I learned a new fact or remembered an old one,  I was reminded each day that there’s no better time to be a black person than right now.  In addition to that, I’ve discovered a great deal about myself. On February 12th, I was instructed to attend a panel discussion in exchange for class participation. Going in, I didn’t have the best attitude. It was early and I really wanted to go back to bed. However, I sucked it up and I tried to listen. As a broke college student, nothing caught my attention until the speaker offered to give a young man $500 if he could answer one of his questions correctly. However, because the boy had been sleep he failed to collect. I felt bad for him but his public embarrassment definitely got me intrigued. What I thought would be one of those drawn out panels about who knows what was really just an honest discussion from real people about real things like  social media, financial literacy, stress, struggle, drive and etc. it took an hour tops. Though I can’t give you any details verbatim, I took so much away from the talk. I’ve listened to plenty of speakers in my almost 21 years of life but the spark I got from listening to those panelists was something I’d never experienced. I felt like I’d finally found in me what I’d been looking for: confidence. Since that day, I’ve felt happy about stating my opinion and I haven’t been nervous in asking questions. I’ve taken on leadership positions and I’ve let some of my shyness melt away. I’ve accepted my crown and dedicate myself to making changes. I’ve felt proud of the work I’ve produced and have maintained an unshakable mentality. All I can say is what a great month to receive such blessings. Now that the precedent is set I want to stay empowered and happy. I want to do exactly what my blog was designed for: Exploring fears, conquering them, and finding the superwoman within myself and of course helping others do the same. I hope everyone reading will continue the journey with me. ❤

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