Letter to a Non-Believer

You think I’m irrational. So absurd.

Can’t love tradition. I know. “How Heinous”!

Will I go down in history nameless?

How could I live if my dreams get deferred?

I’m scared to speak. I do better with words.

You say this pen will not make me famous.

Murder my hope then walk away stainless.

Won’t see my future. My vision is blurred.

Come silence me behind bars if you may

Think I’m dangerous then please do your worst

I’ll never be what you want anyway.

So keep your blessing and I’ll take my curse.

You don’t think I’ll make it ? Well that’s okay.

But if I do I want your praises first.





2 thoughts on “Letter to a Non-Believer

  1. Sara Wade (cousin 😊) says:

    Beautiful. You are going to be amazing I don’t care what NOBODY else says! You have a remarkable gift. I am proud of you.

    Liked by 1 person

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