A New Year’s Seed

Year after year there’s big talk about New Year Resolutions. Are they beneficial or a waste of time? Do people really change or is it all just talk? Now, In the past when I’ve set out to make resolutions, no success stories came out of it. It wasn’t because I didn’t have good intentions to ensure change because I did. It was because I was trying to take a leap in parts of my life that would require taking small steps first. So last year, before the holiday season, instead of trying to fix the structure of my life I sat myself down and thought about everything I wanted in life/the new year. The list was lengthy. Some things I wanted were materialistic while some things I had to really put effort into. Some things reflected shaping my mind and others merely focused on self care. I’d made a list of goals really. As I reflect, I don’t remember going over the list much to make sure I was on the right track. It was helpful to write the words, write it into existence, but it was action that got me over the fence. Subconsciously, I had worked to accomplishing at least half of what was on my list and knowing the mental state I’d been in this year, I was extremely happy that for once I was learning how to move at my own pace. For once, I was making a change. Its like Debbie Reynolds said in Halloweentown: “All you have to do is want something and then let yourself have it” So I challenge you to plant your goals for this new year. Even if you don’t achieve everything, be proud of the one seed that does grow.

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