Porphyria’s Truth

The rain thumped my shoulder

The wind whistled my name

It was one cold October

For such a hot little dame

But this dame was spoken for

I had to remind myself

And gliding through the door

It was that thought I kept

So I went to spark a match

It ended the chilling breeze

My gloves and hat detached

I stood ready to please

I took off all my figures

And my golden locs fell still

Girlish joy mixed with snickers

I called out to him with zeal

But when silence met my ear

I went close to where he sat

Once his shadow was made clear

I placed his hands down my back

Then I took him to my waist

I made my snowy skin show

I confessed face to face

Of how I loved him so.

For a minute he just stared

Unsure if my words rang true

So I went on and declared

That our love would always brew.

At that comment he seemed pleased

More than he’d ever shown

Now, with his heart at ease

He could take me as his own.

Who knew I’d see demise

From one I thought so fine

But at least I was his prize

And he was forever mine.

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