Smoke Screen

I want to go beyond the realms of the world Beyond my little world I want to appear like smoke and fade away all the same I want to disconnect Like plugs in machines, no support I want to live on my own as a daisy in the wind Swaying to and fro As delicate … Continue reading Smoke Screen


Sometimes hiding is better than being visible or noticed Because on the surface where everything can be seen Lies anger topped off with tears. Sometimes knowing nothing is better than something or everything Because in the mind where everything is thought Lies confusion twisting itself into knots. Sometimes lusting is better than loving or longing … Continue reading Sometimes

Ocean blue


I can’t stop thinking about your lips against mine. I must’ve tasted them in another life.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset Business Bay, Dubai

I’m running through scenes with my hands tied
All I do is look away
Even in stories, I’ve made up in my mind,
you always see right through my disguise.
And, I don’t dare to wonder about your eyes
‘cause the thought can leave me paralyzed.

I never found beauty in an ocean blue but when I drink, my thoughts bring me back to you.

I won’t lie; I’m jealous of all the attention you’re not giving me. I can’t hide all the times I caught butterflies speaking your truth to me.

Love,  Alyazya

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