Life of a confused girl

Have you ever wished for something and then when you finally have it in your possession, you no longer want it? Yeah, well I've wished to grow older and I did not think that one through. Today was the first day of class for the 2018-2019 academic school year. My first thought this morning was … Continue reading Life of a confused girl


Quality over quantity They say I am not enough I could never be More than what the eye can see They don’t see me for me They see my ability to be nothing Am I not worthy? Of someone who is perfect With a chiseled face, and perfect abs A Mind of Einstein Could this … Continue reading Quality

Caged In

My body is a cage Closed so tight I could suffocate There's no air no opening And I feel small So small I could shrink And fade into oblivion I cling inside myself And clench the bars And I don't let go until my knuckles turn red And I clang at the steel Hoping someone … Continue reading Caged In