Screams of Deceit


When Nature made your chief work
It was boundless
To be so wonderful you must be a figment
Gracing the ground with your beauty
The first to be so righteous
With a soul from dust so fine

Under God’s golden eye
You walked lonely
Without foe or friend
So a helper I was made
From bone of your bones and flesh of your flesh

I stand in nakedness
Before you with a heart that thumps to the rhythm of love
And like fresh fruit hanging on limbs
I am sweet

Together we are
Pure as white clouds above brillant scenery
Dominion at our fingertips
We bask in the glory of our Lord
Absent in our mind are the thoughts of greed
Blind to all maliciousness
From harmony we survive
And in unity we live
In sinless tranquility

Our vow to protect
Most simplistic task failed
When my eyes roamed
Around fields of green
A cursed creation marks the end of peace
We will soon not break bonds of wed
But of purity
For goodness will be scorned
Unknown was I to common sense
Wandering into the depths of my land
But intrigue lended its hand
So I stood and I watched you come to me
And like rain I fell
On bended knees
To hear your tale
With a silver tongue
You hissed sweet destruction
Your words caressed my ears, providing me with solace
Trickster you are, to slither away with my love
With eyes of citrine in the dark of night
Constrict my limbs, most beautiful being
Sink your fangs in me, I want to feel again
They say what we have is poisonous
But your bites give me the rush I’ve been wanting
Can I help it if no one understands
My need for you
For fruit
So I went
Feet flapping on soil towards peril
And with an extended hand
I reached on tiptoes
And I sipped on the succulent juice
Of the bright red ball of evil
As did you
And suddenly we were no longer blind
We fled like chickens in dismay
But were caught behind leaves
Stripped of confidence
We hid, although the eyes did see
And questions arose
And we sank in our defeat
With the cool skin and beautiful intentions
For destruction
Did deceive
Now we walk without foresight
Shammed and shunned for my mistake
Bonds of purity broken
Evils unleashed
Because of me

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