But You’re a Woman

Today I’d like to present a situation to you. You’re fresh out of  school for the summer. The wind is high, the sun is scorching, and the next three months are expected to top your last nine. The world is now your oyster. But pearls aren’t cheap so what do you do?

Ambush your friends with excuses so you won’t have to go out and spend ? Beg your parents for a little financial help ? Get a job ? Do you go easy or choose the hard path ?

Let’s say you choose the hard way like me. You want to practice being independent. You put on a brave face and ask for an application. With gears grinding, you review the information. You circle and write, consider and send. Now for the wait. Its been two days.. No emails. Four now… Still nothing. It takes a minute but soon you hear back. You’ve got the interview in a day. You do some online studying and company lurking to make sure you’re ready. Finally the big day arrives and within 20 minutes maybe, handshakes and congratulations are in order. Yayyyyy you got it! You’re on cloud 9 and you’re more than ready to swim in the employment pool.

Image result for 2 weeks later spongebob

You’re just now starting orientation. Everyone’s trying to get a feel for you and see if you have what it takes. Spoiler alert: they think you don’t.  They play nice, teach you the ropes a little, but in their spare time they question you. They look at you with worried eyes and wrinkled eyebrows. You feel a little incompetent but you figure it’ll get better.

Image result for 2 weeks later spongebob

You thought wrong. You’ve taken the test. You come on time. You follow protocol and you still get the cold shoulder and no long hours to thaw it out. For a minute you fall victim to sadness until… Surprise !!! New co-worker in your department. Now you guys can get through this treatment together right ?

WRONG AGAIN! This kid is living the life. No 2 week wait like you. It’s orientation and then right to business the next day. You see this and try to be rational. Okay maybe they had more experience ? Nope. Maybe they’ve been employed here before ? Nah they’re just as new.

So what is it ? What’s the difference here ? Ohhh I forgot to mention you’re a petite, 20 year old woman who’s a dishwasher among a bunch of guys. But why would that be a problem?  Haven’t gender roles specified that women care for the home as far as cooking and cleaning and washing dishes? Haven’t women been subjected to being maids because MEN felt they could handle nothing else ? And now you mean to tell me in 2018, women can’t work  in the dish room because they’d be better off “serving”?

Crazy right ? I won’t go assuming that its gender discrimination but that’s how it seems. And its completely unfair under any circumstance. To have my first job go this way is disheartening but I’m not here to trip. To all the employers out there: Believe in those that you hire. Male or female. Give them a chance to prove themselves no matter what position they apply for, inexperienced or not. Choose to take a step forward and change history instead of living in it. For all my employed readers, never doubt what you can do. Males can be MUAs and woman can be mechanics.. Don’t be afraid to go after what you please just because someone thinks you aren’t fit for it because you can do ANYTHING.


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