Cheers to 20 Years

Let’s talk birthdays.. When is yours ? Is the day even a big deal for you ? Do you plan the whole weekend to be centered around you ?

Well, for me birthdays are a sticky subject. I need another set of hands to count my age but I can only recall one particular birthday where I really enjoyed myself. I was 10. My mom threw a big party at my house. All my cousins were invited and we could just have fun together doing kids stuff. That day I felt like I could reach out and touch love.

However, for the last couple of years I’ve wanted to feel the love elsewhere. I’ve wanted to be posted and showered with shout outs. From friends. From family. Even from strangers. I’ve wanted to get the gold balloons from Party City while sporting a sexy ensemble for my peers to see. I wanted to sit in a restaurant with FRIENDS ONLY and be able to be pampered and paid for. I wanted to have picture proof that I’d had an amazing day.

Now I’ve only been 20 for 17 hours but I see things differently already.  Because NONE of that really matters. While I looked back at all my posts from the day, I realized that a lot of them were heartless. Some “friends” neglected to tell me anything, not even the abbreviated “HBD”. I put myself out there on every social media platform and it still didn’t matter to most. I had no fame among these people. I wasn’t important to them anymore.

So did I enjoy my day ? Not exactly but it wasn’t because it rained or I couldn’t find my dress in time or I missed my movie or I had to eat at a drive thru (This is why you plan ahead btw). It was because I had missed seeing the point of what the day was supposed to be about: ME ! Not the posts or the pictures or the likes from friends but me. So my advice: Celebrate you and don’t worry about those who aren’t!


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