Starving Artist.. Forever Starving ?

Okay so this is a little new to me. Normally, the only people I have to worry about seeing my deepest, darkest thoughts are snooping parents and petty siblings. But now I’m opening up something for all of you. I’m inviting you all into my physique. My private yet public party. So welcome to “K’s Kryptonite”. Think of this blog as a modern day Pandora’s box.. All fears and thoughts lie here… Do you dare enter ?

Hopefully you’re up for the challenge. So let me ask you all.. What do you aspire to be ? I know someone’s always asking you, right ? I can only imagine how interesting some of you all’s plans are. But mine is simple.

1)Major in English Writing.


3)Move out of Mississippi


I’ve had it all figured out since I was 10. Same 4 step basic plan. However when I engage in small talk and I mention English I get asked do I wanna teach. You’d think it’d be easy to just say no until you’ve seen the sunken smile on a listeners face or hear the dry heartless “oh okay” that slips from their mouth. What I want to know is.. Why is English only associated with teaching ? Why is wanting to write not worthy of a better expression than “okay”? These questions bring me to my fear of not being successful. I don’t know if its just me but I’m skeptical of what the future holds… Or more so what it doesn’t.

Let’s face it .. The young generation is full of hustlers. They’ve even made being ignorant into a platform… a profit. But the difference between some of these people and me is they have support. People are interested in them.. Intrigued, impressed.. They’ve built a name, some without real talent or passion, and they are what we’d identify as successful. But what about the rest of us ? The ones who don’t get support ? The ones who get the “oh okay” ? Where will we be ? Will we get our share ?

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